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Author:   Dragon ZERO
Date:   May 13, 08 at 11:15pm (PST)
Subject:   Decisions, Decisions.....
I am torn on what accessory to by for my Wii! The Nyko Charge Station looks good (charge 2 Wiimotes, tells you when they're finished), but it has competition. The opponents are the DreamGEAR Nintendo Wii: Cooling Stand 4-in-1 (a stand that cools your wii, charges wiimotes, AND looks cool[replaces wii stand]) and the DreamGEAR Wii Dual Charging Station (that charges Wiimotes AND looks cool[replaces wii stand]). They all look good, but the DreamGEAR has LED lights! The DreamGear Nintendo Wii: Cooling Stand 4-in-1 does the most, but I'm afraid it might charge slow, or have issues with it. PLUS the Nyko Station tells you when the Wiimotes are done. I can't find good reviews for the DreamGEAR stuff, so if anyone has them, which is the best, or are there any flaws with any of the above products, please post. Also, please don't reccomend unless you own one of the above. Thank you in advance:)

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