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Author:   Dash the Stampede
Date:   Aug 12, 06 at 1:35am (PST)
Subject:   Full Information Thread
WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2007 Full Information Thread

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Please, no discussions in this thread! This thread is reserved only for information regarding Smackdown Vs Raw 2007. If any does appear, you will receive one warning and the post shall be deleted. If repeated, I shall issue bans or posting restrictions. If there is anything in here that you believe should be added or changed, etc, please address it in the Moderator's Corner.

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Author:   venom
Date:   Oct 24, 06 at 11:15am (PST)
Subject:   re: Full Information Thread

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Author:   Dash the Stampede
Date:   Oct 30, 06 at 11:20pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Full Information Thread
Who will feature this year:

Regular Roster Countdown Archive

Week 1

1. The Big Show (Monday, Sept 11th)
2. Kane (Monday, Sept 11th)
3. Vito (Tuesday, Sept 12th)
4. Chavo Guerrero (Wednesday, Sept 13th)
5. Melina (Thursday, Sept 14th)
6. The Boogeyman (Friday, Sept 15th)
7. William Regal (Friday, Sept 15th)

Week 2

8. Trevor Murdoch (Monday, Sept 18th)
9. Viscera (Monday, Sept 18th)
10. Super Crazy (Tuesday, Sept 19th)
11. Lance Cade (Wednesday, Sept 20th)
12. Psicosis (Thursday, Sept 21st)
13. Hardcore Holly (Friday, Sept 22nd)
14. John Bradshaw Layfield (Friday, Sept 22nd)

Week 3

15. Edge (Monday, Sept 25th)
16. Lita (Monday, Sept 25th)
17. Joey Mercury (Tuesday, Sept 26th)
18. Daivari (Wednesday, Sept 27th)
19. Johnny Nitro (Thursday, Sept 28th)
20. Bobby Lashley (Friday, Sept 29th)
21. Finlay (Friday, Sept 29th)

Week 4

22. Carlito (Monday, Oct 2nd)
23. Candice Michelle (Monday, Oct 2nd)
24. Trish Stratus (Tuesday, Oct 3rd)
25. Chris Benoit (Wednesday, Oct 4th)
26. Mickie James (Thursday, Oct 5th)
27. Batista (Friday, Oct 6th)
28. Mark Henry (Friday, Oct 6th)

Week 5

29. Umaga (Monday, Oct 9th)
30. Chris Masters (Monday, Oct 9th)
31. Paul Burchill (Tuesday, Oct 10th)
32. Ric Flair (Wednesday, Oct 11th)
33. Gregory Helms (Thursday, Oct 12th)
34. Mr Kennedy (Friday, Oct 13th)
35. Booker T (Friday, Oct 13th)

Week 6

36. HHH (Monday, Oct 16th)
37. HBK (Monday, Oct 16th)
38. Shelton Benjamin (Tuesday, Oct 17th)
39. Matt Hardy (Wednesday, Oct 18th)
40. Torrie Wilson (Thursday, Oct 19th)
41. Kid Kash (Friday, Oct 20th)
42. Rey Mysterio (Friday, Oct 20th)

Week 7

43. Kurt Angle (Monday, Oct 23rd)
44. John Cena (Monday, Oct 23rd)
45. Jillian Hall (Tuesday, Oct 24th)
46. Mick Foley (Wednesday, Oct 25th)
47. Snitsky (Wednesday, Oct 25th)
48. Rob Van Dam (Thursday, Oct 26th)
49. Randy Orton (Thursday, Oct 26th)
50. The Great Khali (Friday, Oct 27th)
51. The Undertaker (Friday, Oct 27th)

Author:   Iconic
Date:   Nov 6, 06 at 12:38am (PST)
Subject:   re: Full Information Thread
quote gamingring
We sent about 20 to 25 questions to Thq... Here are the ones they would answer....

Answers can be attributed to THQ's Bryan Williams

WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007

Developer Q&A –

Q: How many create a wrestler slots this year for the PS2 and the 360?

A: WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007 contains 30 CAS slots.

Q: How many years worth of story lines have been put into season mode this year? As we have heard comments from two to ten years.

A: While Season Mode isn't broken up into actual "years," the mode is persistent, meaning that players will be able play through the mode continuously. Also, compared to WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2006, there are twice as many storylines in this year's Season Mode, so replayability is off the charts.

Q: Any improvements to the Create-A-Belt this year like actually recognizing the current champion?

A: Create -A-Championship is bursting out at the seams with a bunch of new content. In addition to all of the new C-A-C parts that have been added, players will be able to create their own custom spinner championship. As an added bonus, players will be able to manually spin their created spinner championships during SuperStar entrances.

Q: How many unlockables will there be this year in the shop?

A: There are 23 unlockable items in the WWE Shop, including Legends, move sets, vintage championships and more. There are also 118 unlockable items in the locker room shop, which can be used to decorate the locker room. Trophies are also making a return, as there are 14 different trophies that players can earn during Season Mode and Exhibition game play.

Q: Will there be bonus classic championships again this year such as the hardcore and million dollar titles? If so, which ones are featured this year?

A: Yes. In addition to the returning Hardcore and Million Dollar Championships, WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007 will also feature the N.W.O. and Smoking Skull Championships.

Q: On the subject of the PSP version, have the loading times been fixed this year for caws and other things? Or is it just a dreadful as last years was?

A: Players will be happy to learn that, yes, the load times have been addressed and will be considerably shorter on the PSP version.

Q: Have the top rope finishers been fixed this year? It seemed it was almost impossible to pull out moves like the 5 star frog splash last year due to the AI rolling and standing up as soon as you attempted to go for the move?

A: Yes. Top rope finishing moves have been slightly tuned this year to eliminate the issue mentioned above. In WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007, performing a successful top rope finishing move has been made a whole lot easier.

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