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Author:   Apocolipstick
Date:   Dec 22, 08 at 2:33am (PST)
Subject:   2 questions
1. is there a trial for this game i checked the other forum named trial and it sent me to a dead link.
2. and also how much is it a month

Author:   wolftooth
Date:   Dec 29, 08 at 9:10am (PST)
Subject:   re: 2 questions
1. yes there is just check the official webbie
2. im not entirely sure but i think it is around 5-7 pounds a month but you pay for diff amounts of months

Author:   DarkScizor
Date:   Jan 29, 09 at 11:55am (PST)
Subject:   re: 2 questions
When you get the game you get a 30 day free trial, after that it's costing me 12.99 Euro so whatever that is in pounds or dollars i suppose

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