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Author:   Sindal
Date:   Apr 12, 08 at 7:45pm (PST)
Subject:   Your own Unit
Fun thread, you know the type,
Make a character for the game that you would probably use as your leader.
Please, no goddamning, your character is not superpowerful and can't be killed, make it realistic please.

Name: Falrin
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Class/Job: Hunter
Weapon<Make it a unique thing of your own design.>: Senbonzakura (A bow decorated with sakura petals and needs no arrows, as it generates it's own)
Any other items in possetion<This can be anything personal to your character to things that help in battle: Flower pendant,Nightscope.

History/Backround <What's there life story? WHere did they come from?>: Falrin was born and raised in the forest where the World Tree is situated. He's family where not poor, noor rich, just your average forest dwelling family. He always has had a knack with the bow, and started using them at a very young age. As he grew older, his skills sharpened, and with a very sad fairwell, he left the forest, purely for the reason of wanting to make a differance in the world around him. Though, all he really does is aid people when they need it, believeing thats differance enough. He received his bow from the world tree itself, the nightscope from his father, and the pendant from his mother as a memrobelia.

Desciption (How they look): Hes got a tanned skin, his eyes and hair are both brown. He wears a slightly modified indigo hunter hat (Its got a few plumes instead of leaves), the same for his hunter uniform, only slightly tweaked here and there with indigo. His boots are leather and dyed a blueish colour. His bow, with its magical properties, clings to his back with not in use, and his left eye can be seen covered with the nightscope at night, but never in the day where it rests behind his ear. He has never been seen without the pendant around his neck.

Personality: Laid back, But not Lazy. Kind and forgiving most of the time.

Battle<THis can be any extra information about anything that makes him or her special from other's in the same class in battle, but nothing to powerful>: Normal hunter advantages, plus his nightscope slightly inproves his night battling, but not as good as an assasin. For some reason, his bow makes him especially dangerous to magic users, but more vounrable to weapon weilders.

Favourite card(one they use the most, if not all the time): Sanctuary

Note: I want NO stats here, I mean numbers or strength rating or power of your cards or anthing like that. PLZ

Author:   TheWispOfHope
Date:   Aug 5, 09 at 9:05pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Your own Unit
gender:Male(screw female only)

weapon:Moon Falx bow(ability to counter close range),designed a gold color,looks like a blade,doesn't require arrows cuz generated by hate & dark

Extra item:Elle's necklace,Dark armguard

History:Born in the Bronquian empire,he met a young fantasinian girl named Elle,they were the closest friends.He was training with his knives and bow one day when bandits attacked the couple.being a single teen,he could not fend off the bandits,which led to Elle being taken.He had tracked down the Bandits hideout a week later,and had killed the bandits,but Elle had been tortured and killed a few hours before.Kei is an assassin who enjoys slaughtering bandits

Description:Black Hair,pale skin,sharp red eyes,wears a black cape&scarf,wears grey clothing

personality:taciturn,but shows affection if you open him up

Battle traits:can use scyhte cards,always aggresive,when passive he fights normally(no slow-down),☆(red)against bandits,can retaliate against all units,X when fighting female units(has pride),when morale is below 30% he has increased criticals,with dark guard;guarding charges only remove 2 units(fixed,anything less=no damage),nulls dark&lightning dmg,X against holy

favorite card:Bloody Claw&Genocide
Made-up card:tragic memory-can only be used by Kei&when head is alone:Elle appears(essentialy a valkyrie/hunter)and joins Kei=Two heads in battle(stats r same as kei,basically a special sanctuary card)card strength when recieved is 2500,only useable at evening&night

Stats:<general-when-you-get-him-stats>(measured in Yggdra union)☆=big star,o=little star,.=no star

Author:   TheWispOfHope
Date:   Aug 5, 09 at 9:08pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Your own Unit
sorry if u get pissed about the general stats,the terrible GEN&LUK cover The high ATK&TEC,so it evens out

Author:   matthewscott1995
Date:   Nov 5, 11 at 3:30am (PST)
Subject:   re: Your own Unit
Well it seems its been a while since anyone posted here. It seems like fun, so here I go.

Name: Wolf
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Class/Job: Fencer
Weapon: Balmung (A large red and silver blade that has a dragon in the center of the steel. Lasts for 4 maps. Guards against card status ailments)
Any other items in possession: None.

History/Background: Was the son of a mercenary. His mother died giving birth and his father went on a job but never returned. Wolf sets out from the orphanage he was admitted to at 21. He became a mercenary like his father. His goal was to find his father, and if he is alive, kill him for leaving. He is quickly hired by the Bronquian army and becomes friends with Inzaghi. After Inzaghi is killed by Russell, Wolf leaves the Bronquian army and goes towards the desert. While in the desert he sees that The Royal Army is in trouble and decides to help out. Afterwards, Yggdra hires Wolf and Wolf accompanies them through the rest of the game. He never does find his father, not even clues. He has somewhat of a past relationship with Zilva, and he sometimes appears to help Zilva's special forces.

Description: Silver hair like Milanor's, only shorter. A dark grey scarf and a large collar black leather jacket cover his torso. He wears black pants and has brown gloves and boots. He has different color eyes (Left one is Red, Right one is Blue.)

Personality: Cold, critical and sort of lazy. But when he fights he becomes happy and calm, almost like hes at peace on the battlefield.

Battle: In battle he fights like a normal fencer class, but he has a slight advantage over other fencers. Magic classes defeat him more quickly than normal.

Favourite card: Favorite card is Banish, and he has his own card "Execution" (If Wolf is the only one left alive he can kill the enemies head unit with one attack)

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