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Author:   kinshen
Date:   Nov 23, 09 at 10:56pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Items
well my items of choice are simple
harness: redhare or shadow
orb: ice or fire... very suddly do i use light but its good
item1:way of musou or how ever u spell musou (why is simple... my normal musou with sun quan sucks! the true musou is good)
item2:tiger amuelt
item3:turtouise amulet
item4eacock amulet (never sue dragon i like to get many musou and more energy require more i need 2 do i use musou 2 break out of attacks)
item5:windscroll expect for huang zhou or something i use ice arrows)
item6:unicorn hoof (2 get around fast)

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