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Author:   mmbrajohan
Date:   Jan 13, 14 at 5:12am (PST)
Subject:   Blown PSU on PS3
Hi guys.

I know this isn't game related, but maybe you can help me...

I have a blown power supply. I have identified the components which I need to replace, but I can't find any circuit diagrams on the net to identify the popped components.

The PS3 is a 120GB CECH-2006A and PSU unit is a EADP-220BB.

Will anybody be able to help me identify the components I need please... If you have the same PSU... I'll upload the picture of the blown components.

I just need a photo or the part numbers of the popped parts. It looks like 2 diodes, a power transistor and an IC.

The picture shows where the area of the blown components are...

[img link=][/img]

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