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Author:   michellemahoney_7
Date:   Nov 14, 12 at 5:08pm (PST)
Subject:   Save my Tomba game
Hi all,
I was so excited to download one of my favorite games from ps on my ps3. I am afraid that my dreams of reliving tomba have been crushed by an unablity to save the game. There is a load option, but no place to save. I have been in touch with support for the playstation network with no succes. I read in one forum that I could at signs through out the game by pressing up and the circle button, but to no avail. I even created a new internal memory slot and that didnt work either. Please any suggetions would be great! I was told that a moderator of a forum may be able to help and I hope its true:)


ps...i totally could of misplaced this post, and if so my apologies!

Author:   SamPollock
Date:   Nov 25, 12 at 11:58am (PST)
Subject:   re: Save my Tomba game
Read the sign posts certain sign posts will allow you to save

Author:   oisinpollard1212
Date:   Jan 24, 15 at 2:47am (PST)
Subject:   re: Save my Tomba game
I to have this problem. It was the first game i ever played when i was small. I download it yesterday but i can't save the game. I found out if you DIE you CAN SAVE the game

Author:   cast0408
Date:   Jan 31, 15 at 9:03am (PST)
Subject:   re: Save my Tomba game
when you died how did you save it, or was it an option upon death?

Author:   nick
Date:   Mar 8, 15 at 8:33am (PST)
Subject:   re: Save my Tomba game
Hey I figured out how to save when you look at those brown signs without the lettering looks like a cross hit square not circle

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