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Author:   Miss Razz
Date:   Apr 25, 10 at 3:59pm (PST)
Subject:   Alan Wake Review Thread - Post All Reviews Here
First review has been released by Spanish magazine Hobby Consolas...

Spanish magazine Hobby Consolas - 9.3/10

Brief translation from the Alan Wake forums:

- Some NPC seem to be hiding something and some are really creepy. We need to explore the whole town and forest to find all the book pieces, and collectible objects.

- Story is spread in episodes and each one will give a twist to the main theme like "Lost" wich left us glued to the game.

- At the begining of each episode we will see a brief of the previous chapters. The game has a movie feeling; from the sound, dialogue, the characters, the story to the terrifying atmosphere.

- The sceneries are full of detail and are really big, even indoors. And in stores there is a lot of detail. The forests have trees and plants that move with the wind - it is a joy to watch, the lighting is also stunning from the sun during the day to the flashlight that is used during the night or in dark places. We can, for example, illuminate the inside of a house from the outside.

- The character models are pretty detailed but they needed a bit more of detail on the expressions.

- It's an exellent survival horror game; it mixes the best of Silent Hill with engaging combat and well developed characters.

- The Best:
The Story: Awesome ambience. Script is genius. Barry rocks.
The Combat: Great use of light and lots of variety.

- The Worst:
Length: It's pretty short. We would like the game to last longer. The game is about 10 hours.
Facial Expressions: The facial expressions are not at the same level as the game's intensity.

- Graphics (92): Ambience, light and weather effects are awesome.
- Sound (94): Very good soundtrack and the sound effects are really excellent.
- Length (82): With no doubt this is the Achilles Heel of the game (10 hours) with low replayability.
- Fun (93): The story's pace, the combat and the dialog will keep you glued from start to finish.

Final Score: 9.3/10

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  • Author:   Curt Connors
    Date:   Apr 26, 10 at 10:14am (PST)
    Subject:   re: Alan Wake Review Thread - Post All Reviews Here
    Pleased to see good things about it, but ten hours relegates it to the 'wait for a cheap used copy' category for me, shame. I guess they're going to try and hook people in with lots of new DLC episodes, I seem to remember reading somewhere they're working on it already.

    Author:   Wy Li E3
    Date:   May 5, 10 at 8:56pm (PST)
    Subject:   re: Alan Wake Review Thread - Post All Reviews Here
    Seems alright so far, nothing to add to the current review. Will keep updated as i go along.

    Author:   samroob
    Date:   May 6, 10 at 2:16pm (PST)
    Subject:   re: Alan Wake Review Thread - Post All Reviews Here
    Check this Alan Wake review, include a video:

    Author:   Wy Li E3
    Date:   May 11, 10 at 12:38pm (PST)
    Subject:   re: Alan Wake Review Thread - Post All Reviews Here
    Completed. Spoiler free :

    Very short. 6 chapters or "Episodes"

    Repetitive gameplay, quite linear, not as far as FF13, but very linear.

    Shooting etc.. is quite fun, gets old very fast.

    You often find yourself running threw what seems to be the same forest EVERY level. And, every chapter includes going threw the woods. All the time, in a nutshell : go from Point A, to point B, whilst killing C. A being the start of the forest, B being the end of the forest.

    Effectively, the storyline is very good. Which begs the question, why?

    All i want to do is get past this forest so i can see the next part of the story, and while some of you may think, well, its a game, its what you do. WRONG.

    Sure, i don't mind playing a game to see the story out, but trust me, after you have done the same forest, for what seems to be about 3 chapters, it gets quite tedious.

    It also presents itself in a Tv format, i would compare to Lost or Prison Break.

    In effect, thats what i would prefer it be. A show.

    It has the excitement, the cliff hangers and the need to know more basis. But, the fact i have to do the same thing, for what seems to be the WHOLE game, just to see the ending annoys me. I'd rather have seen this a movie or a TV show very much more.

    There is a basis for a good series there, but for it to be a game rather than a show, i have to doubt at this moment in time.

    Author:   The Stinger
    Date:   Jan 29, 12 at 11:04pm (PST)
    Subject:   re: Alan Wake Review Thread - Post All Reviews Here
    As with most games that have that "Interactive Cinema" feel to them, this game is an incredibly fun ride.

    The first time.

    I felt that while it started a bit slow, the story picked up rather quickly toward the end of episode one, and once the cliffhangers started rolling in I was absolutely hooked until the end of the story.

    It borrows a great deal conceptually from Stephen King's "The Dark Half" in which events written in a novel begin taking place in reality, but there's enough twist and originality there to go with it that you never feel like its just a ripoff of King's work. I found the story particularly engaging, the only drawback I found was that the game offered you spoilers at basicly every turn in the form of manuscript pages, that would basicly tell you what was going to happen.

    After I realized what was up, I stopped looking at my manuscript pages altogether. I wanted to be surprised, but if you read those pages a good deal of the great moments in the game can be spoiled.

    Sadly, there just is not that much replay value to this game. I mean, you have the obligatory replay on the Nightmare setting which makes the game excruciatingly difficult in some areas but also effectively ratcheting up the terror level. Some of the manuscript pages can only be collected on the Nightmare setting, so completitsts and achievement/trophy hunters will have a reason to play the game again.

    Aside from that, once youve seen the story and you know how everything goes, replay seems like more of a chore than an enjoyable experience. As stated, environments and gameplay are very repetetive. Once the motivation to "see what happens next" is removed, there is very little want to slog through the action parts of this game.

    I rank this game up there with games like the Metal Gear Solid series. Awesome to play the first time, but once youve seen the story, you likely wont be playing back through for some time.

    I rented this and finished it in a single playthrough, so that is a good idea of how engaging the story was. I just didnt want to put the controller down until I knew how the story was gonna end.

    Not a bad bit of writing by Sam Lake, better known to gamers as the likeness/voice of Max Payne in the first two games. I especially liked his cameo in the talk show late in the game.

    Id definately recommend a rent on this one, but I probably wouldnt pay more than 25 bucks to add it to my collection.

    Author:   Vic 2.0
    Date:   Oct 19, 13 at 7:14am (PST)
    Subject:   re: Alan Wake Review Thread - Post All Reviews Here
    Alan Wake was an amazing game. I've played it six times now, primarily for the combat and the atmosphere.

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