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Author:   droz
Date:   May 23, 07 at 2:19am (PST)
Subject:   iTunes v iPod music count
I glanced around slightly to see if this has been posted and didn't see it. I hope this is not a re-post.

I show 2037 songs on my iTunes, but my iPod shows that I have 2028 songs. I can't figure out where the difference is. Is there a way to check this without having to click one-by-one on each?

Thanks for the assistance.

Author:   Guticb
Date:   May 23, 07 at 4:17am (PST)
Subject:   re: iTunes v iPod music count
9 of your songs can't be found on your computer. They should have a gray exclamation point to the left of the name in iTunes.

Just scroll through, it will be obvious which ones.

Author:   Weapon
Date:   May 24, 07 at 7:07pm (PST)
Subject:   re: iTunes v iPod music count
Not so fast guticb. I have the same problem also but have already done that and there are no songs with an exclamation point next to them.

Author:   samuraisushimonster
Date:   May 24, 07 at 11:27pm (PST)
Subject:   re: iTunes v iPod music count
are any of the songs music videos

Author:   michael l
Date:   May 31, 07 at 4:40am (PST)
Subject:   re: iTunes v iPod music count
i've got the same problem but can shed more light on it. by the way, i'm prety itunes knowledgeable and, also, consistently make sure my counts match.
basically, there are three places where there are counts - ipod, itunes and, for most, the my music folder (or equivalent, assuming all music files are in one place). the usual problem is a disparity between the itunes total and the my music folder. if you've been careful to keep your counts accurate over time and then you notice a difference:

1) if your my music folder has more songs than itunes, then reorder the songs in your my music folder so that they show by date modified with the newest on top -- then double click each one and watch to make sure it plays for a second, then click the next one, the next one, etc. again, if you've been good about your counts over time, you'll merely have to do the double clicking to get the missing song(s) to register going back to the last date your count was right.

2) if your itunes has more songs than your my music folder, the process is similar. reorder your songs in itunes by date modified (newest on top) and then double click each song , working downward until you find that one has a grey exclamation point. that'll be the extra song(s). in addition, try reordering by bit rate and looking at the songs the have the lowest bit rate -- usually 32. if you listen to songs online they may come through as low fi in 32 bit. you can find them easily by doing that reorder.

NOW -- assuming we all know that. my problem is that at some point in the last two weeks my count has gotten to be off between 1) itunes and my music, which both register 9051 songs and 2) itunes, which registers 9036 songs. this is a novel problem for me. i've taken all the podcasts out to make sure that wasn't part of the count problem and it's not. i've also removed the last few weeks plus worth of new songs - 84 for me -- both from itunes and my music. i still had the disparity between itunes/my music and the ipod by the same 25 song disparity. i'm at a loss.

again, i'm pretty compulsive about keeping my counts the same but always focused on itunes v. my music. the ipod always matched the itunes total.

anyone have any thoughts? i hope the above will be helpful to someone with a comparatively easier problem.


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