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Author:   greatness
Date:   May 2, 07 at 11:29pm (PST)
Subject:   Another ipod problem
Well I've had a couple cases of my ipod freezeing and I'd hafta let the battery run out and recharge it and it'd be cool.

Buuut this time the little effer seemed to have freezed when it was turned off ( Previously on hold with a full battery, turned off). I tried chargeing it through the car and computer so I'm pretty sure the battery didn't run out. It wont seem to respond to the computer. The screens black and it wont come on. Heeeelp me

Author:   nickuprizen86
Date:   May 6, 07 at 5:03am (PST)
Subject:   re: Another ipod problem
Hello,my friend has given me an ipod and i would like to change the username to mine if possible. The only thing he gave me with it was the usb cable and said the software to transfer music was online. Please could someone tell me how i can go about changing the name on it to mine, is there a program i need or something??

Author:   pk_9584
Date:   May 6, 07 at 5:14am (PST)
Subject:   re: Another ipod problem
Anytime my Ipod freezes I just hold Menu and the center button and it resets.

Does the screen show a file or a ipod with a smily face thats frowning??(I didnt wanna say frowny face cuz it sounds dumb) This happened to my first Ipod and I got a new one for free.

Maybe you should take it to a Apple store at the mall and exchange it for a new one like I did. Well, If you still have the waranty that is. If there really isnt anything wrong, the Apple guys could fix it or something.

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