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Author:   SonicHero12
Date:   Mar 10, 07 at 12:45am (PST)
Subject:   iPod Accessorization Guide
SonicHero12 Presents...

The Unofficial NeoSeeker iPod Accesorization Guide!

Okay, here's how it works:
I am pretty sure there are very few people who don't add any accessories to their already cool iPod. but if you just recently purchased or obtained an iPod, here is the place to hear what other members use and recommend to use!

Okay, post about what iPod accesories you own and use, and ones you would recommend to other iPod owners(Post pics if possible. Search engine pics will do just fine). Hopefully we can create better iPods, one accessory at a time!

Okay, I'll start:

Griffin iPod Bookcase

This is an attractive alternative to carrying cases. Although it is not as strong as some other cases, it will protect your iPod Nano from any scratches or damage. Also, it looks incredibly cool and makes your iPod a little easier to use.

Belkin Car iPod Charger

On the go? Low on battery? This is a good charger to use if your in that sort of situation. A unique-shaped charger port makes this a very attractive and essential accessory to have if you own an iPod.

Rivet Trekker Belt Loop Latch

This is actually for cell phones, but I found that it works absolutely perfect for any iPod. This allows you to keep your iPod securely on a belt loop, while showing it off and looking extremely cool.

Sonic Impact iFusion 2

Simply put, this has to be the BEST iPod dock ever! It is very portable and small, has a small, also portable remote control, and fits every iPod ever made. You can also hook up your CD or cassette player to it and play music! It also has a conveniently rechargeable battery. Emits great, clear sound too!

Belkin Mobile Cassette Adapter

if you don't have a brand-new car with a built in iPod dock, this is the product for you! Simply insert the cassette into the player, plug your iPod into the other end, and your set! You can also use this to play CDs in your car, if your car is too old to play CDs.

Well, let's see what you've got!

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Author:   bellerofont
Date:   Mar 11, 07 at 3:37pm (PST)
Subject:   re: iPod Accessorization Guide
wow, that's cool. I was once in Turkey and I saw this recharger for an Ipod that actually recharges it with a solar battery. But since I didn't have an Ipod back then I didn't buy it but I never saw this at Canada or USA. This must be really useful for those that travel just imagine you can recharge you're Ipod anytime.

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