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Author:   imperfect-em
Date:   Jan 3, 07 at 8:02am (PST)
Subject:   converting dvds to ipod format
does anyone no a quick and easy free way to convert dvds to ipod format i have tried so many and this is my last hope thanx

Author:   seb481
Date:   Jan 3, 07 at 5:05pm (PST)
Subject:   re: converting dvds to ipod format
you should google it. I heard handbrake is good but i thin it's for mac only

Author:   Master of the VG
Date:   Jan 4, 07 at 9:11pm (PST)
Subject:   Thread Closed
quote Welcome to the iPod Forum Thread
  • No DVD to iPod topics
    DVD to iPod topics are also no longer allowed. At one time they were permitted but due to a flood of these topics followed by complaints I no longer allow them. Bypassing DVD copy protection is illegal in the US. You are allowed to ask questions about converting video files and posting links to freeware converters is also permissible. I no longer allow linking to shareware converters due to spamming by certain people. In general I will only ban a person when they break this rule if they ignore any warnings I send them.

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