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Author:   dianefinn
Date:   Nov 23, 06 at 10:46am (PST)
HELP!! My Ipod mini has been running fine. No problems until I left it in the car for a couple of days. It got pretty cold, but still seemed to work. I plugged the IPOD into a wall outlet to charge and it was still working fine. I went to bed and woke up and the screen was flashing and I cannot get my IPOD to operate. I've tried resetting, but that doesn't work. Nothing I do will get the darn thing to turn on. Does anyone have any idea what happened?

Author:   ILT2M
Date:   Nov 23, 06 at 10:46pm (PST)
Subject:   re: HELP!!!!!! IPOD MINI WON'T TURN ON
Well there is a site for it. I think it is or something like that. If none of those works your Ipod is probably garbage. The exact same thing happened to me I had an Ipod Mini (2nd gen I think), for about a year and a half then it did that. I did however drop it down three floor at my school.

I was walking up the stairs and you know those stairs with the open air towards the toe of your shoe, well I dropped it and it fell all the way down. Worked fine after that for a few months now it makes the unhappy Ipod sign, but it does turn on.

If it has been within a year of your purchase your non-extended warranty should still be going. If not I think* you can get a new Ipod Mini for like 80$. Which is a deal but I got a Zen Vision M.

Good luck man,

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