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Author:   MrRain422
Date:   Nov 10, 06 at 11:49pm (PST)
Subject:   Where did my songs go?

Last week, after syncing to iTunes after loading on some new songs, all of a sudden there were no songs listed on my iPod. I did notice, however, that the memory was still being used as if there were songs on it, but the playlists were all empty.

I reinstalled everything, re-synced, and everything was back. However, this morning the same thing happened again.

So I guess I have two questions:
1) Is there a way for me to recover these songs to my iPod without having to reformat it? Again, the songs must be on there somewhere because the storage is being used; and
2) Why is this happening? Is there something I'm doing that is causing this to happen or is my iPod defective?


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