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Author:   Jimmybevers
Date:   Sep 13, 06 at 2:30pm (PST)
Subject:   My computer doesnt read my ipod
When i plug in my ipod through the usb solts there is no response from my computer at all, i have reinstalled itunes, reset ipod and tried out all the other usb ports.

It did this since i lost my charger used a different one which only connects to power sockets, i then brought another official charger and now i have this problem.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Author:   JJBDude
Date:   Sep 13, 06 at 9:14pm (PST)
Subject:   re: My computer doesnt read my ipod
This helped me so it should help you too.

In future though please look through already made threads to see if your question has already been asked and answered, as it has done many of times in the past.

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