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Author:   tbpap
Date:   Aug 14, 06 at 7:40pm (PST)
Subject:   My iPod got erased!!!
I have a problem. I just got a new computer because my old one went down (with all my music on it!). On my new computer I added itunes and about 4 new cds. Then I plugged my iPod in to update it with the new songs (I have it on manual update so it doesn't automatically erase all the songs that are not on the computer). In the middle of updating it, itunes froze, so I restarted my computer. When I looked at my ipod, all 6000 songs are gone! Can I get them back?? When I tried putting it back in itunes i was told I need to use ipod updater and restore factory settings first. I updated my ipod with the newsest version available, but I didn't restore factory settings. Now my ipod won't show up on itunes. What can I do?

Author:   iplaythisthing
Date:   Aug 18, 06 at 9:43pm (PST)
Subject:   re: My iPod got erased!!!
See if theres any files on the ipod throught the computer. You songs will be in there and if they are not then theres nothing you can do.

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