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Author:   Jon B
Date:   Aug 5, 06 at 8:35pm (PST)
Subject:   Updating iPod / Video's not playing
Hey there helpful people, my iPod (a 30G video iPod) is no longer playing videos or updating new playlists or songs. If I remove a song on itunes it will stay in my ipod (even after when the ipod is "updating" on my computer) and then not play when I select it to on the ipod (which I expect). The ipod is still playing video podcasts, so the ipod can obviously still work on its video end, I just don't think its updating all my songs and videos even thought it says it is. My TV out is off. My Videos are all in "Videos" in itunes and previous to downloading the newest itunes (which I have since reinstalled as I thought this might be the source) all the videos worked just fine. I have recently allowed my ipod to be used as a storage device, perhaps this has changed something, although when I disallowed storage on it in the itunes-ipod menu the problem persisted. Gad, its bloody annoying having a video iPod that won't play videos or EVEN UPDATE! Please help me iPod gurus...

Author:   Master of the VG
Date:   Aug 7, 06 at 8:41pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Updating iPod / Video's not playing
While I really don't like telling people they should restore their iPods I think this might be a case in which you would want to do that because I have no idea what's wrong with it. You can try the other four R's first but odds are the restore is what you'll need.

Restoring your iPod will erase all of the data that is currently on it.

Author:   Ryan D. Wellington
Date:   Aug 21, 07 at 9:47pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Updating iPod / Video's not playing
i have owned a 30g ipod for about a year. had the same problem with my ipod. dont know how it happened but all of a sudden the video wouldnt play, except for the very first frame of it. the sound wasnt affected at all. think it happened after a new itunes download... cant be sure though. when i played the videos thru itunes, they worked perfectly fine.

good news is i think i found a solution. of course, please dont hold me liable if your ipod screws up. use the advice at own own risk.

there's this programme called senuti (ITUNES spelled backwards). the purpose of the programme is to transfer songs from the ipod to itunes. kinda figured that since my videos were just playing pretty much like music files, i.e. without video, i could use senuti to transfer them back to itunes on my computer. funny enough, after i did that, i transferred them back to my ipod under "movies" and guess what? they worked... both video and audio!

anyways, hope it works for u. download senuti... it's free. just google search it.

Author:   0172
Date:   Aug 22, 07 at 6:50pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Updating iPod / Video's not playing
Heh, I have a 30GB iPod and Senuti, so I'm good.

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