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Author:   Albert IV
Date:   Jul 31, 06 at 11:51pm (PST)
Subject:   Ipod Install
My daughter has an Ipod formatted for MAc; we purchased an Ipod online (ebay) for her mom. When we plugged it in the screen just flickered and the icon did not come up on the computer.

Any suggestions of what to do?
Is it because we are Mac and maybe he previous user had a PC?

desperately seeking an answerÂ…thanks!!

Author:   Master of the VG
Date:   Aug 1, 06 at 1:45am (PST)
Subject:   re: Ipod Install
Well the first thing you should do is see if the iPod functions properly. Run a diagnostic to see if there are any errors.

Now if everything is cheery on that end then try to restore the iPod. DO NOT FORMAT IT as formatting may cause the iPod to stop functioning.

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