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Author:   JCOX
Date:   Jul 2, 06 at 3:44am (PST)
Subject:   Screen protectors for ipod nano
I just got an ipod nano and I am interested in getting a protective case for it ASAP. Most of the ones that I like and seem the most functional don't have the screen protector built into the case but come with a separate decal-type screen protector. I'm a bit leary to put the screen protector on my nano in fear of it being a mess when/if I would need to remove/replace it. I remember years ago I had one of these types of screen protectors ruin my Game Boy screen when I tried to remove it, it didn't come off well at all and left much residue on the screen. Does anyone have any experience with these screen protectors? Are some better than others, depending on the maker? Thanks.

Author:   The Slayer
Date:   Jul 2, 06 at 4:13am (PST)
Subject:   re: Screen protectors for ipod nano
I'm using this case for my ipod. it has a built in screen protector, and dosnt stick to your ipod screen. I keep mine in it all the time unless I'm connecting it to my computer. so far I've had no scratches except for a few one the ceter button the click wheel. I just stuck a carabiner clip on it, and attach it to my belt loop and carry it around like that, or stick it in my pocket.

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