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Author:   violator8
Date:   Jun 29, 06 at 7:22pm (PST)
Subject:   my ipod mini is dying... s.o.s
Well, i have an 4GB ipod mini that i bought 16 months ago (no warranty, jesus).
Lately,i noticed that my ipod stucked during some songs. i mean, he played them, stopped and then moved to the next song (these song worked perfectly before).it happened in something like 30 songs...

so, i deleted all my songs, thinking that copying them again to my ipod will solve the problem.
now,iTunes stops updating my ipod after x songs: it stucks or says that my ipod cant be read from or written to, or something like that.
when i play the songs in my ipod,again,most of them stuck at the beginning/middle.

i tried restoring my ipod (using ipod updater), formatting it (a mistake?) and updating it's software. i reinstalled iTunes(the last 3 versions), i connected it to another usb port (in the back of my pc), i tried disk mode. nothing happened: now it stops updating even after 30 songs, or 50, or 70.

is there anyting i can do to save it my ipod??

Author:   iplaythisthing
Date:   Jun 29, 06 at 8:59pm (PST)
Subject:   re: my ipod mini is dying... s.o.s
How did you format it?

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