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Author:   Los1
Date:   Jun 25, 06 at 10:26am (PST)
Subject:   Re: 10 gig Ipod--Please Help Me
Hi folks:
About a week ago the hard drive on my 3rd gen. 10 gig ipod went bad, so I decided to purchase a similar one on ebay. Cracking the ipod open and putting in the new drive was not a problem. However, I have yet to be able to get my ipod to speak to either of my computers, one of which is running Windows Me and the other an upgraded version of XP.

When I hooked up my ipod (with the new hd in it) to the computer running Windows Me--this is the computer I've always used on my ipod--it did not recognize it, so I could not restore the ipod. In light of my computer's inability to recognize the ipod I decided to remove the ipod software and musicmatch software already on my computer and tried to reformat (update) my ipod with the original software (gray cd) it came with. The original software installed fine, however, my computer still would not recognize the ipod. On top of that, everytime I'd connect my ipod to my computer it either made my computer work really slow or simply crash the damn thing. After messing with the ipod and my computer for a couple of hours I finally got a pop up that said "can't install firmware on connected ipod. ipods hardware and firmware are incompatible."

Since the ipod did not work on the computer with Windows Me, I decided to try it on the one running XP. First I went to Apple to get the software. Then I installed it and this stage went fine. When finally hooked up my ipod to the computer, the computer would not recognize it. Like my computer running Windows Me, the computer running XP really slowed down and even crashed after I hooked it up to the ipod. (I'm not sure what this slow business is about. firewire maybe?) Anyway after messing with this computer and the ipod for another couple of hours, I finally got a pop up that said it could not mount the ipod.

I tried to look for the ipod on "My Computer" on both computers but did not appear on either. I also tried using a usb cable to connect my ipod to the computers hoping for a miracle and nothing happened. (My ipod, by the way, came with a firewire cable, but I tried the usb hoping that the gods would run a miracle). I've also put the Ipod on disk mode, and still both my computers did not recognize it. Now it seems to be stuck on disk mode.

At this point my ipod continues to display the folder w/ warning icon.

Please someone, help me.



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