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Author:   ffej_oriac
Date:   May 17, 06 at 1:51am (PST)
Well I was going to update the songs on my ipod when all of a sudden it froze and i couldnt disconnect it. so i just pulled it out of the usb port. well.. with my luck something happened and i had the icon with the folder and exclamation point on it. under it it said: the site said that icon mean just run the updater and what not. well i connect my ipod and my comp. wont read the ipod and my ipod shows its connected but it doesnt come up on my screen or itunes. so i cant run the updater. what the hell do i do? lol

thanks a bunch.

plus everything i click on that has to do with ipod it freezes. like disconnecting, update, etc

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Author:   Captain C
Date:   May 20, 06 at 8:17pm (PST)
Subject:   re: MAJOR HELP PLEASE!!!
You don't need iTunes to update it. Just download the updater from the Apple website.

Author:   zanderman
Date:   May 20, 06 at 10:37pm (PST)
Subject:   re: MAJOR HELP PLEASE!!!
what are the spec's? if its a 4th gen 20 or 40 Gig your hard drive is shot

Author:   litodg
Date:   May 21, 06 at 4:41am (PST)
Subject:   re: MAJOR HELP PLEASE!!!
hey i know it sounds absolutely insane but this is what i did when my ipod did the same thing. i tryed to bend mine in half and i think it touched something in the electronics on the inside and now i havent had a problem since.

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