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Author:   The5thAvocado
Date:   Mar 26, 06 at 12:10am (PST)
Subject:   Photo Import
Okay, so I have the U2 20 gig. Yay, rah, and all that. BUT! I have a question. So I was playing around and looking through the features when I saw 'Photo Import' on the screen. The iPod is not a color iPod (or so it seems), but I thought you could only get photos with a color iPod. Is this true? If not, how do I get photos on this thing? I have tried, but I don't know what to do. And if I can't put photos on, what is the point of the photo import feature?

Author:   Al Capone
Date:   Mar 26, 06 at 12:20am (PST)
Subject:   re: Photo Import
wow that sounds pretty cool, there has got to be away to do it because why else have that feature like you said ill do a google about it, and ill try and post back


Here(source) is a link to a discussion about this, and im not meaning to link to another forum, but it has all the info on that that you need

it appears to be just an update to the firmware that all the 4th Generation iPods got but is there for just a quick way to transfer digital photos from a digital camera to the iPod then from iPod to PC, which seems kind of useless, but it does hold the photos but cant display them

hope this helps

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