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Author:   Guymi
Date:   Feb 10, 06 at 4:22am (PST)
Subject:   Connecting Ipod To TV & Converting Movies
Hey. I'm fighting it for days now trying to see if there is any chance of doing what I want.

Apple introduces Ipod with video, very nice. (I bought one of course...hehe). It is also possible to connect it to TV. Ive done that as well.
The only thing I miss is to see on the TV movies in REGULAR resolution! Well, the ipod can't automate resolution which is a shame. But can it deliver the 'out of resolution' movies to tv?

So the best idea I thought of was to try it through 'Anapod explorer' if you know the software. Basically a drag and drop software, like itunes, but through 'my computer'.
So, because its not itunes, I thought it would let me copy movies with bigger resolution into the ipod.
Of course I needed to change the format to mp4, anyway...

Guess worked! It let me copy them.
But now I also need to open them from the ipod itself! guess what...I can't see the file:/
I was so close, I could see the movie runs on tv with regular resolution! but then it was all a dream

So dear friends...Is there any chance you know how do to it, or know for sure its possible/unpossible?

Help is greatly appreciated. Too bad apple havn't think of that one:/

Author:   mrxxg
Date:   Feb 10, 06 at 4:35pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Connecting Ipod To TV & Converting Movies
hi ,you need to convert your moives to the correct format first, ipod only support h264 and mpeg4 encoded format, i'd like to recommend you use this Cucusoft DVD to ipod video converter suite,it can convert DVD to ipod with only one step, do not need to rip it first and convert, it also can convert almost all kinds of video files,it works perfect for me. You can download from

Author:   Guymi
Date:   Feb 11, 06 at 4:10am (PST)
Subject:   re: Connecting Ipod To TV & Converting Movies
Hey, thx for replying!

My problem isn't converting the video files and playing them on the ipod or tv. And I am using Cocusoft's program
The problem is that regular movies you convert to ipod are converted to 320x240 resolution. Thats the resolution the ipod knows to read.
What I wanna do, is convert them to higher resolutions like 1024x768 for instance. The reason is that I want to use the ipod to see movies on the tv, but with good resolution.
Displaying a 320x240 resolution movie on tv isn't that fun

So I tried to move higher resolution movies to the ipod (to the right place-movies section), but the ipod doesn't display them. Like they don't exist.
Maybe it will read that second format (not mp4) with higher resolution? Hard to believe...:/

What do you think?
And thanks for helping!!

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