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Author:   chalky1
Date:   Feb 7, 06 at 8:25am (PST)
Subject:   2 ipods on 1 pc
Hi,as a new user to itunes and ipod's ,i am struggling big time to know how to use my ipod video 30gb and my girlfriend's 2gb nano on itunes together.
I can plug in my ipod and it recognises it and updates but when i plug the nano in it will charge it but not recognise it.
Please help,i spent 3.5 hours last night trying to search for how to do this without success and am getting more and more frustrated!!!!
I am not that brilliant with pc's so the more simple it is to explain then i would appreciate this a lot.



Author:   bobbonew
Date:   Feb 7, 06 at 8:36am (PST)
Subject:   re: 2 ipods on 1 pc
When you say it doesn't recognize the nano, do you mean it just doesn't do a thing at all when you plug it into your computer? You should be able to sync both iPods having the Video one auto-update all songs, and set the Nano to manual (because you more than likely have too many songs to all fit on it).

What is a littler easier that what I described above is in this little tutorial here. I have used it personally myself and it works extremely well in your case. Good luck and post back on what happens.

Author:   chalky1
Date:   Feb 7, 06 at 5:49pm (PST)
Subject:   re: 2 ipods on 1 pc
Hi thanks for the reply.
The ipod charges up but doesn't update at all.
I will try what you have suggested and let you know!

thanks again

Author:   chalky1
Date:   Feb 8, 06 at 10:32pm (PST)
Subject:   re: 2 ipods on 1 pc
Hi bobbonew.
After a good read through the link you gave me and a bit of help from my brother in law,i have finally got the 2 ipods working

Like it says in the link about copying the tracks to my music,it is a bit of a fiddle but solves my problem at last!

Thanks very much for your help,it was much appreciated.


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