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Author:   Wikkaone
Date:   Jan 22, 06 at 5:32pm (PST)
Subject:   Ipod is on the fritz!
------------------------------------------- put it simply, my iPod is weird...

When I turned on my computer and connected my iPod, iTunes asked me if I wanted an upgraded software for my iPod. Naturally I said yes, and it downloaded it. However, it asked me to connect the iPod into an external power source...but I dont have an adapter for my iPod, just my USB there an easier way to fix this problem (if it counts as one) rather than buying an adapter?

P.S: I didnt read too much in this forum, so I dont know if this problem was already posted by someone else.


Author:   bobbonew
Date:   Jan 23, 06 at 2:50am (PST)
Subject:   re: Ipod is on the fritz!
To update your iPod software, its necessary to connect your iPod to a secondary power source. Thats why it asks you to connect it to your plug into the wall. I believe the software is updating the ROM of the iPod, and if power is lost to the iPod, severe consequences occur; the most prominent is the destruction of your iPod. That update is serious business, so I would not try it unless you have all the correct pieces of equipment and cables. If its working fine, I see no reason to update it if the hassle is buying $40 cables and converters.

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