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Author:   BEEBman
Date:   Jan 16, 06 at 5:20am (PST)
Subject:   i need help(PLEASE)----4gb mini
okay, i have an ipod mini, and everytime i turn it one, the apple icon appears then, the stupid error folder with the '!' comes on and stays on. at the bottom of the screen, it has the apple support link, so i went there. it suggested charging it. since my ipod was dead for 2 days, i thought that was the problem, no change. the longer i charge it, the longer that dang folder is on the screen. i thought maybe it was because i havent updated the ipod for awhile, so i tried to update it. i cant, itunes doesnt read my ipod anymore.i tried calling the stupid support thingy with the extended warranty i have, but after an hour an a half, nothing....i need help, and if possible, is there a way to fix it w/o losing all my songs????

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Author:   BEEBman
Date:   Jan 21, 06 at 9:08pm (PST)
Subject:   re: i need help(PLEASE)----4gb mini
i know i aint the only one with this problem, someone must have some info for me....any info would be helpful

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