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Author:   jordanfitz1988
Date:   Jan 3, 06 at 5:56am (PST)
Subject:   battery life survey
yes, battery life , a somewhat controversial issue with the ipod in the past

the battery life on my ipod seems to be really bad , i only got it 4 days ago , and just after i fully charge it , it somtimes takes only 2 or 3 songs for the battery to start going down a bit (normally while i am browseing the menu looking for a song to play)

and on some reviews i have read, people say that the battery life is good , and i wonder....'are the using the same product as me...?' so i just want to do a test , please say how long on average your ipods battery lasts for and what settings you have, so this is mine:

ipod 5th gen (video) 30gb
eq: off
backlight: 5 seconds
audio: aac 128kbs
battery life: about 4 hours
on-the-go playlists: no, i hadn't used them , but now i have discovered them i will use them from now on

i do frequently skip songs (thats the whole point in mp3 players , they hold all your music , what the point in playing 1 album with all the sogs in a can do that with a cd player....) and i have just discovered 'on-the-go playlists' , witch do seem to help battery life , but i haven't done them on one cycle with a full charge yet , so i will see how it goes this time)

the thing is that i'm charging the bloomin thing up every day , and i don't feel i'm even using it that much...while other people say that they get 10-14 hours out of it and i wonder what i am doing wrong

Author:   newipodguy
Date:   Jan 3, 06 at 9:17am (PST)
Subject:   re: battery life survey
Hey ,

I have exactly the same ipod as you and i have the same problem .. short battery life ..but i posted a post and i got a relpy saying that i backlight chews the battery life and that the new ipod video has only 3 hours pics and 2 hours videos ..
my question is does your ipod come already charged?? when i got mine it was and i was wondering if i had of left it charging for 4 hours instead of pulling it of the charger when you get the charged signal ..
any ideas?

Author:   newipodguy
Date:   Jan 3, 06 at 9:21am (PST)
Subject:   re: battery life survey

i have decided to take mine back in and get the battery replaced under the warrenty .. you should too .. and ask at your apple store

Author:   Master of the VG
Date:   Jan 3, 06 at 5:17pm (PST)
Subject:   re: battery life survey
When companies state battery life of products that use rechargable batteries they measure the lifespan in ideal conditions. This usually means cool conditions, the backlight is either off or on it's lowest brightness, media is played at a certain (relatively low) bitrate, etc.

Now it's completely possible that you do have a defective battery. However if the backlit screen is on it will suck up battery power really quick.

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