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Author:   TFi2397856
Date:   Dec 19, 05 at 7:17am (PST)
Subject:   Fire wire don't work USB dose

Why won't four 3rd gen ipods connect to the computer using it's native firewire but will connect using USB? The other 6 ipods I have will connect with firewire using the same software, same computer, same cord, same everything? They all have the latest updates. I use the latest version of itunes as well. They all have been restored several times.

Not only don't the four bad ipods not connect with firewire but they also effect the connecting computer by freezing itunes and Explore. If I disconnect the offending ipods from the firewire port and close itunes and Explore using Windows task manager all goes back to normal on the connecting computer. I can also wait 4 minutes and itune and Explore will return to normal.

Also the hard drives, which are brand new sit and click. They work fine with USB. It is as if there is a conflicting hardware or software problem, but if that were so why would the other six 3rd gen ipods I have work with ease using firewire or USB on the same everything? It makes me think that may ipod used two different chipsets on their motherboards or so called logic boards. Thus some work with the gear I have and some don't. The only problem with that though is the fact that I have 4 computers here and all different models and makes, each has several firewire card also different models and makes and the other 6 ipods work perfect with any combination there of.

So it has to be a hardware problem within the offending ipods. I have bought a few used motherboards and when they get here I will swap them out to see if that cures the problem. I will be swapping out the ribbons as well as the hard drive harnesses. If none of that works it must be aliens.

Someone in the world knows the answer.
Not the hard drive. Swapped it out for a new one.
Not the cord. Works with all the other 6 ipods of the same type.
Not the computer. Works with all 6 other 3rd gen ipods I have.
The 4 bad ipods passes all the diagnostic test using the ipod on board diagnostic program.
All have been restored several times.
Itunes has been reinstalled several times with the same results each time.
Ipod's restore program has been reinstalled several times.

So is it the logic board?

Is it the hard drive harness?

Is it a ribbon cable?

Seems like it has to be one of those things. I am going to keep asking and trying things till I figure it out. Your help would be welcome. Thank you.


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