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Author:   Cathren
Date:   Oct 31, 05 at 12:53pm (PST)
Subject:   iPod acting in a strange way

I have iPod mini (1Gb). It started to act in a very strange way since yesterday. First of all - when i press "play" both lights in front start blinking - and no sound nothing. I have checked the button lock - and its not on - but it can be however turned on and off (so that means the buttons are ok and working). I was thinking that it might be also that i run out of the battery - but when i connect the iPOd to computer - the yellow (behind the iPOd identify battery) battery light was just blinking and my computer got really slow.

I tried to update/reset the iPOd but got message "iPod service error".

My computer says "biip" when I connect iPod to usb but it does not open itunes any more as it used to do.

Does anyone have a clue whats going on? Any suggestions or speculations what might be a problem? Shall I just change it to a new one or...? (it still has some guarantee time)


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