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Author:   NicoleB
Date:   Oct 18, 05 at 10:35pm (PST)
Subject:   Mac/PC
From my understanding you MUST pick either PC or MAC to set up the ipod with. I use a MAC at work and a PC at home. Is there any way to set up for both/make files available in iTunes on the MAC and then upload them on the PC? I just bought a mini today-so it's a bit new to me.

Author:   ChiroVette
Date:   Oct 19, 05 at 3:44am (PST)
Subject:   re: Mac/PC
Yeah, I have a solution. Assassinate the President of Apple for being a complete *bleep*wad and not making it easier to go back and forth between operating systems.

Well okay, I do have a straight answer for you. I had a similar problem in a thread I started a while back, but found a solution, that Apple NEVER told me about because I don't think they want us knowing about for some reason.

Go [here] and download the latest version of Xplay (XPlay 2) and install it on your PC. It will allow your PC to recognize the Mac formatted Ipod.

I found it to make my iPod a little glitchy but it may work better for you. I ended up simply copying the ENTIRE 60 GB iPod photo (and lol yeah I use ALL that space) onto my PC, to an external 300 GB Hard Drive. Then I reformatted my iPod to Windows and then used iTunes to load the libary onto my iPod.

I have one minor problem which I am about to open a thread to ask about, but suffice it to say, this software should work okay for you and it has a 14 day free trial, just in case it doesn't.

It also allows you to use iTunes as well as the XPlay equivalent to work with your library.

There are other programs if this one doesn't work but I haven't tried them. The reasons I gave you XPlay is because it worked for me and you have a free evaluation period of 14 days, which the other programs don't have.

Hope this helps!

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