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Author:   Mpics
Date:   Oct 15, 05 at 12:44am (PST)
Subject:   Help!
Ok this may be a little confusing but ask as many questionsas you want. This is my situation: I have an Ipod mini and it has been working really fine till now. One day I put it in trying to upload songs and itunes did not recgonize it. So something pops up you need to update or something so the whole updater comes up (Takes forever) but the upgrade or something button was nto clickable. There was another button "restore" It says it earases all my stuff and sets it back to normal. I thought thats what i needed for it to be recognized by itunes and when its there just upload songs again. But it did not work..... So i try re-installing the whole program or whatever and it seems like that dosetn recognize it fully but im not sure. Anyway I think it says it needs to be formatted so i try formatting and it says windows unable to formatt it. So i take it out and plug it back in (Recently) and it doesnt even know its plugged in now the computer isnt recognizing it. Im pissed cause I havent even had this for a year now.........! :x

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