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Author:   pk
Date:   Oct 10, 05 at 10:03am (PST)
Subject:   re: Ipod Nano?
i bought it!!!!!!!!!!!
it's nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but i am not familiar to the functions,haahahaaa

Author:   KingThomasOfThePS2
Date:   Oct 10, 05 at 11:23am (PST)
Subject:   re: Ipod Nano?
quote Fulham_Fan
I would *bleep*ing love one, but the capacity is way too small. I've already filled up my 20gb, and I'd of loved to get a Nano with a bigger Hard drive. The 60gb photo looks the only option now though.
They should work on making them smaller
According to ThinkSecret's website, there are going to be 2 new iPods out Wednesday. An 80gig is definite, PLUS it will be smaller size and reportedly in white and black like the nano.

Author:   pac4ever
Date:   Oct 10, 05 at 3:17pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Ipod Nano?
Is that a new model or a imncreased sized Nano?

Who needs 80 Gig?

Author:   KingThomasOfThePS2
Date:   Oct 23, 05 at 12:18am (PST)
Subject:   re: Ipod Nano?
I finally got my nano. I was impressed with the size and color screen. But that's about it. Out of the box, the firmware was screwed up. I had to use my ONE free tech support call THE DAY I GOT IT to just get my iPod to accept music off my iTunes library. After 3 hours of that, I got to use my iPod nano. Woo-hoo. I turn it over to check out my personalized greeting and discover that there were 2 scrapes and a TON of scratches on the metal backing. Bear in mind that this ipod had been sitting on a flat surface, not having moved. It CAME like this. Upon further inspection, I noticed several deep scratches on the front surface.

2 days pass: I couldn't get ahold of Apple due to 'high call volume' and since I had class and work. So I hadn't been able to request a new nano. Spots UNDER the plastic protective coating above the screen had formed. I had no idea why.

2 days more pass: At night I turn on my iPod after finally getting a box to return my nano shipped out. The box hadn't arrived, but anyway, I turn it on and the bottom half of the screen just glows white. EXACTLY HALF. Now my screen is screwed up. Oh joy.

The next day (today): After TWO FULL HOURS ON THE PHONE with Apple, I get them to PROIMSE they will send me a NEW not refurbed, but new iPod as soon as they recieve my old one. They also tell me to buy a case. If they had any sense when looking at my order, they would see that I ordered the silicon-rubber nano case-sleeves off THIER WEBSITE. Idiots. I got routed around the company over and over and over until we finally found someone who could 'help' me with my problem. Then they tried to charge me 49.99 for the call since I had used my 1 free call just a few days before.

I'm starting to wish I never bought this thing. I am still debating whether to just call Monday when they reopen and get my money back, or to go ahead with the return and get my new one, which will take THREE WEEKS!

I thought Apple was a good company until this incident. I had a iPod mini since hte beggining when people were like "What is that?" A loyal customer burned.

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