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Author:   DeJester
Date:   May 23, 05 at 8:52pm (PST)
Subject:   iRiver H10 vs iPod mini
I have long been pondering the advantages/disadvantages of buying a 5 or 6 GB iRiver H10 jukebox or going for a iPod mini.

iRiver H10 jukebox

My first thought about the H10 is it has radio, which is a major upside for me. I have also heard reportidly that the ipod mini's don't have a battery life as long as advertised. On the flip side, I've heard the H10 doesn't have great resolution for pictures. However, why do I care about viewing pictures on an mp3 player, if I put pictures/other files on the darned thing I'll be transferring them to another computer or something anyhow.

Anyway, I would like it if I could hear some of your opinions on this before I decide.


Author:   Fulham_Fan
Date:   May 23, 05 at 9:25pm (PST)
Subject:   re: iRiver H10 vs iPod mini
Well, my friend just got an iRiver for his birthday, and they are indeed great. Not as simple controls as the iPod, and the scroll isn't good at all, it doesn't recognize anything but a good, firm scroll up or down it.

But the screen is great and displays pictures really well, and it's alot lighter and slimmer than the mini. The one main thing is, that the song/sound quality is greater on the iPod, as we were reading through the iRiver info and it compresses songs a little, apparently.

I'd go for the iPod if you want good music quality and easy navigation around it with easy stuff to find, or the iRiver if you have less songs and like little things like the hi-res screen and radio.

Personally, between the mini and iRiver, I'd get the iRiver. But seeing as I have more songs than both hold I'd always go for the 20gb iPod over the iRiver, and the iPod doesn't dissappoint. So, if I were you; I'd get the iRiver over the mini, and the 20gb iPod over the iRiver. But it depends on how many songs you have to decide if you want the bigger iPod.

Hope that helps.

Author:   ussy
Date:   Aug 5, 06 at 12:11pm (PST)
Subject:   re: iRiver H10 vs iPod mini
Fulham-fan whoever said u cant get the h10 in 20gb 2

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