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Author:   Abasza
Date:   Mar 17, 05 at 3:01pm (PST)
Subject:   A nasty problem with iPod mini
Somebody had a thread here about iTunes not acknowledging the iPod mini when connected and I'm also one of those with that problem. That guy's problem was solved by resetting the iPod, mine didn't. I've tried everything but nothing works. Now my iPod mini is nothing but a fancy little USB mass storage device, huzzah.
So, what I might think as a problem is that maybe the USB port isn't good. Namely, I only have ports in one place and every time I connect the iPod it says in the lower right corner that "I should connect the device to the faster 2.0 port", although it says that no matter which port I put it in.
So that's the problem. iTunes and iPod updater don't realize iPod is connected. Any ideas?

Author:   Kuduros
Date:   Mar 17, 05 at 3:23pm (PST)
Subject:   re: A nasty problem with iPod mini
Have you installed all your motherboard drivers etc? I have a Gigabyte motherboard and there's a driver on the CD for it, to update to USB 2.0.

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