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Author:   refunds
Date:   Jan 7, 14 at 1:53pm (PST)
Subject:   Dragon Legion
Dragon Legion is a pretty cool Mobile TCG for the iOS. Been playing it for a bit and I really like their take on Guild versus Guild battles. It seems more focused on strategy and teamwork. It's also pretty cool leveling up a guild dragon with your team members.

If you havn't seen it yet and end up checking it out, use my invite code to get rewards for both of us.

Invite Code: Ai4PhWL6

Author:   KCWingBoy
Date:   Jan 10, 14 at 9:24am (PST)
Subject:   re: Dragon Legion
Enter my Dragon Legion code for a rare card! yQUaTHjb

Author:   Bloodloss
Date:   Feb 4, 14 at 2:57am (PST)
Subject:   re: Dragon Legion
Looking for active players too!

Invite Code: CbYQzi6v

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