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Author:   Shadow_Beast91
Date:   Dec 13, 13 at 4:16pm (PST)
Subject:   Anyone play Reign of Dragons?
Looking to sell an RoD account through PayPal, great for using as an alt account or for a main if your new to the game

Account is lv172, has 600stam/200att/200def
Account locked cards are
2/3 Ziva+, 2/3 Archfiend Kiara+ sk2, 8/15 Paladin Kiara sk2, 4/7 Oksana, 4/7 Gorynych sk4, 3/5 Mafdet. 4/7 Faedyra, and multiple tradable cards.

Has guild classes
Warrior lv6, Justice Warrior lv5, Merchant lv10, Alchemist lv5, Thief lv6, Bandit lv5, Bard lv10, Magician lv9, Knight lv8

Multiple items (ex: over 1k lotto tickets)

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