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Author:   TheRooster
Date:   Jul 1, 13 at 1:23pm (PST)
Subject:   Try out SOLSTICE ARENA! 3 vs 3 matches!
Yes, i am here to try and get people to use my referalcode. Here is why that is great news for you, though. Solstice Arena is a new game made by Zynga (i know you instantly think $$$). It is a mobile MOBA style game. For those who dont know what that is it is basically 3 on 3 intense matches of teamwork and strategy where each player controls only a single hero. The gameplay is great and highly optimized for mobile play (games last from 5~12 minutes). One of the best parts is that it is a free game in which EVERYTHING that affects gameplay can be bought simply by playing the game. The only thing that costs real money are skins, which are purely cosmetic (but awesome ) and in fact what i am working towards now with referals. You will really not regret trying this out, i have played alot of dumb addicting games in this past, but this is one with an excellent set up and very supportive dev's who are excited about improving their game. I think it is slipping under the radar atm because it is made by zynga, but seriously don't let that scare you!

My referal code if you choose to use it: ICJBDC
*You will get a nice xp boost to help you start off
Also feel free to add me in game: jrec15


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