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Author:   NemOry
Date:   Jun 9, 13 at 5:08pm (PST)
Subject:   Kelly Escape - 3D Side Scroller Runner Horror Adventure Game
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3 Months in the making already. The main goal of the game, is to escape from the World of Darkness. Kelly (the character) has all the skills and ability to escape, but the player should master them in-order for Kelly to escape. Kelly can jump, double jump, shoot on monsters, slide, freeze and emit shields. There are tons of kinds of monsters in the game and some are still on development. Also the game will have a shop for upgrades, a section for chatting with other players, send & recieve powerups and a redeem powerup section where you can enter a redeemable code to redeem secrets and powerups. The game features an online user account, where you can save and load games online, so you will not be worried of losing your game progress when you will format your phone or delete the game. Also you can continue playing the game progress to any device that has Kelly Escape.

The game will be available first on BlackBerry World, and hopefully very soon on Google Play for Android, Windows Phone Store, Windows ( Store, iOS App Store, Nook Store and Amazon App Store.

Kelly Escape is my first ever serious game that will be published to an Apps/Games Store. The development of the game started on February 2013, and now I am worried starting this June 13, 2013 because school days starts again, but the development can’t stop me from bringing this game to life in the markets. School will just cut out some of my hours of development.
This is my 4th game ever developed. All my other 3 games were discontinued. But this one will not.

Please let me know whatever you'd say fellow devs. Thank you.


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