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Author:   Arietta
Date:   Feb 11, 13 at 1:25pm (PST)
Subject:   Show Off Your Device!
Similar to the Wallpapers thread(s), this thread is to show off your iPhone's customization.
I decided to make this thread rather than bump the existing ones because jailbreak customization can be further than a pair of wallpapers.

Here I go...

This is my lockscreen (I lost the clock with my modifications and can't seem to find a way to always show the status bar clock - if someone knows let me know please. )

My homescreens and apps/folders. I have shrunk them and it looks much neater that way, IMO.

And finally, my notification center:

Oh, actually, a screenshot with Auxo just because it looks good:

I got many of this ideas from ModMyi's founder. I'm still not done customizing it but this progress is worthy enough to show it off.

So show off your stuff.

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