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Author:   Woahnatalie
Date:   Feb 10, 13 at 10:06pm (PST)
Subject:   How to fix a stuck down home button????
Okay so here is my situation: my home button appears to be stuck down. Not unresponsive, literally stuck down. I have to press it down hard in order for it to work. So hard that I can't even use my finger cuz it hurts like hell, I have To press it down with something else. This usually happens when dust and dirt gets in through the charger port and accumulates inside the iPod and makes it's way under the home button causing it to get stuck down. Either that or its broken, which i know mine isnt because i havent dropped it or banged it on anything. But I do carry it in my purse alot so I know that it is the dust and dirt problem. So I have read in many blogs that people use a drop of 90% alcohol. And this has worked for a ridiculous amount of people. But even though it has worked for so many, I am afraid of the long term effects it might have on the iPod. I have also read about people using electrical contact cleaner to clean it out. And some also used compressed air to blow out the dust and dirt. I haven't heard of anybody actually using air duster (compressed air in a can). I know some people are scared to use it because sometimes it sprays out liquid. But I also haven't seen anybody state that it has messed up their iPod. Is there anyone out there who has had the same problem and fixed it with air duster?

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