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Author:   Arietta
Date:   Nov 8, 12 at 1:55pm (PST)
Subject:   Looking For A Camera App.
Heya guys. I'm looking for a Camera app, but not any camera app. Actually, I have been looking for a camera like this for years (literally) but I have never had any luck.

Can you guys help me find (or recommend me) a camera app that can filter out colors of your choice? So I can take a picture like these:

I have found many apps that can do this manually, but all of them require me to brush out the colors using my fingers, so the result is always ugly as hell. I don't care if it's an app that can filter out the colors after taking the picture or if it's a camera that allows me to take photos like this. Anything like that will do, as long as I don't have to do the manual effort of doing it "with my own hands" because it's impossible to get a perfect result using my fingers.

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