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Author:   Enhance
Date:   Feb 22, 12 at 10:42pm (PST)
Subject:   Antennagate Settlement
A settlement in an "Antennagate" class action lawsuit that was filed against Apple in July of 2010 has finally received preliminary approval. The suit sought damages for owners of the original iPhone 4 in the wake of Antennagate, contending that "the case and antenna design has led to a substantial degradation in signal quality and dropped calls when the phone is used in a normal and foreseeable fashion by users." According to CNET, the settlement will mean one of two options for all iPhone 4 owners in the US: a $15 check or a free bumper case. It's not yet known if customers who had previously taken Apple up on its original free case offer will be eligible.

Once the site goes live, you should be able to go to to find more information, but in case you forget Apple will also be required to send out an email to iPhone 4 customers before April 30th.

Everyone that bought an iPhone 4 should be getting an email soon with more information on whether or not they are eligible. I received the free bumper case back when they were offering it and there isn't any information yet on whether or not those people will still be eligible for the settlement.

Keep an eye out though. Don't want to miss the opportunity for a free new case or a quick $15.

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