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Author:   ThunderChunky1
Date:   May 7, 11 at 3:04am (PST)
Subject:   iPhone GPS data usage/TomTom Car Kit question.
Okay I have a few questions. Firstly I have an iPhone 3gs with the limited data plan (200mb). If I were to download a GPS app, approximately how much data would that be eating with normal use? I have noticed there are GPS apps such as Garmin that are only like 34mb to download, so I assume GPS apps like that load the maps as you drive. However, there are also GPS apps with huge file sizes of ~1.60gb, and those I assume already have the maps downloaded and do not use much data?

Another question pertains to the TomTom Car Kit appliance. It claims to have "built in GPS receiver to enhance my iPhone GPS signal." Could this possibly save on data?

Thanks in advance.

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