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Author:   Halla59
Date:   Mar 25, 11 at 6:36am (PST)
Subject:   Comparison of several PVZ Clone Games
If you have never played Plants VS Zombies in 2010, you are out! PVZ is the most popular tower defense action video game in 2010, it’s hard to believe that this little game get so much high appraisal in a very short time, of course I became a PVZ fans since I played this game on my PC. After leading a TD adventure tides, PVZ, attracts a huge wave of followers which are called PVZ clones.

I played most of PVZ clone games, such as Leave Devil alone, Bone Bone TD, Pigs VS Wolves, etc, honestly speaking, the ideology is lacking in originality. But some of them also gains great success.

1. Leave Devil alone

Pros: Leave Devil Alone offers tension-filled gameplay, a formidable arsenal of unique devil’s weapons and a range of special magical powers. For each human you defeat, you store rage that lets you use your magical powers that you can use in dire situations!

Cons: the graphics are not that well-polished and provided only 4 battlefields.

2. Pets War

Pros: Pets War is a huge PVZ clone game for iPhone iPod touch players! In this game, developer presents 30+ increasingly difficult levels, 20+ brilliant ALL-Hand-Drawn scenes, changeable weather, landforms, as well as 41 vividly designed characters.

Pets War even puts MMORPG features on a TD game. When game players control single kind of pet, like catty or doggy, they can use Shar Pei or Chain Smoker Cat to redouble all pets’ (doggy or catty) attacks. Does it remind you the Vampiric Aura and Brilliance Aura in the WarCraft 3?

The in-game music and graphics and all dedicatedly designed. Even comparing with real Plants VS Zombies, Pets War still prevails.

Cons: Need update soon to present a whole story, since the game is not over even pass all levels.

3. Bone Bone TD

Pros: best enjoyment from Bone Bone TD is its simplicity. Though we regard it a PVZ iPhone game, Bone Bone TD is more like a basic TD game.

Cons: there are only 9 types of monsters and 11 powerful items to resist enemies. So the gamers would hardly manage and operate changeable statics.

4. Pigs VS Wolves

Pros: If you've played various Tower Defense games, you'll be familiar with "Pigs VS Wolves", the new generation TD game which makes wars available on iPhone / iPod to defend yourself from enemies' attack. The best achievement for this PVZ iPhone game is continuation on all characters’ styling are all cute and kid-friendly, which is also one of the biggest killing features on Plants VS Zombies itself.

Cons: this is a war Pigs VS Wolves, so you will not find a third animal in this game. Even the Scarecrow is also pretty piggy.

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