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Author:   Game Master 009
Date:   Jun 6, 10 at 7:23pm (PST)
Subject:   Jailbreak help!!! Please!
I used pwnage 3.1.5 to jailbreak my Itouch 1g. I built the Custom firmware and installed it on itunes. After a bit, I would get an erro message Number 1604-1603. Please help

Author:   Brawler
Date:   Jun 11, 10 at 9:22am (PST)
Subject:   re: Jailbreak help!!! Please!
Probably some Neoseeker rule against helping with jailbreaking or something *sigh*
Anyway, I have no idea, I hate cheating developers out of their money, I don't do it, not much point posting here, come to think of it

Freeze: Hacking the iPod touch/iPhone is not illegal. While Apple would like to make you think it is illegal, it is not, and it is impossible to get in any legal trouble for hacking either device. From the moment you purchased your device it officially became yours to do with as you wish.

What is illegal is redistributing copyrighted code, such as the operating system of the iPod Touch and the iPhone, on the internet. See: Neoseeker's Terms of Use

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Author:   bob8294
Date:   Jun 16, 10 at 10:59pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Jailbreak help!!! Please!
This article looks intriguing.
If you're jailbreaking a iPod Touch 1G, you can get away with just blackra1n.

Author:   Kryptonite
Date:   Jun 19, 10 at 8:33pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Jailbreak help!!! Please!
Let me try again, considering the moderator thought i was doing advertising for a site:

Try Spirit Jailbreaker *link removed* it's a pretty easy jailbreaker to use. Just plug it in and click on "jailbeak". I used it on my 1g 16gb version touch and it worked perfectly fine.

Freeze: Then let me be clearer about this.
As stated above, discussing a jailbreak is not illegal, because you own the device and it isn't illegal to get the most out of the system. However, it is illegal to advertise as seen in the Forumwide rules. This also includes linking to programs which jailbreak the iPhone.
You can mention the program, but do not link to it. There are always methods to get those programs, but we can't allow linking to it.

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