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Author:   Feisar
Date:   May 10, 10 at 7:21pm (PST)
Subject:   iPod Nano 3G Problems
I've recently been having problems with my iPod Nano 3G.
It's the 4 gig silver model.

Problems I've had:
- Album art not showing up on songs after sync
- Getting thrown out of videos (they won't even play.)
- Processor goig a tiny margin slower

Now I have had it since September 2008.
I don't use iTunes, because I'm on Ubuntu Linux.
I use GTKPod instead.
Usually, I can resolve all problems by unmounting and remounting the iPod, then deleting the device from GTKPod, and putting it back on there, and it works.
But the problem comes back.

Anyone have a long term solution?

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