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Author:   gerard way owns you
Date:   Nov 6, 09 at 10:31pm (PST)
Subject:   Questions about iPhone plans...
I was just on AT&T's website, checking out iPhone plans and whatnot...I want a 32GB iPhone, so that's $300 right there...then I apparently HAVE to get a Data Plan (what exactly is that?) which is $30 a MONTH, for the life of my iPhone apparently. Then after that, I apparently still have to get the actual phone service for it...

This thing is stacking up to be really expensive...or am I just looking at it wrong?

Author:   The Slayer
Date:   Nov 7, 09 at 3:19am (PST)
Subject:   re: Questions about iPhone plans...
The data plan is what you lets you browse the internet, check your email, watch youtube, ect. Pretty much anything you do that requires transferring data besides a phone call/texting will use the data plan. Theres no way around it either because the iPhone will still download/send data even if you arnt doing anything.

It is pretty expensive. You may still need a texting plan with it (IIRC, you can get just the 200 texts a month).

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