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Author:   s6
Date:   Oct 27, 02 at 3:04am (PST)
Subject:   new iPod problems...
Ok I just got a 5gig iPod (windows ver) and im having trouble right out of the box. After installing Music Match (which i wasnt happy about... ) to manage it, I went in and copied an album to the iPod. No problem. Well I deleted those files off (in music match) then went to put some new songs on there and all was well until i unplugged the iPod to see nothing in the music library. I plugged it back into my machine and Music Match now sees the ipod with 57,000 MB total and 16,000 free... but it also shows all those files that I copied over to it are in fact there, or at least music match thinks so. I ran a "restore" on it and supposedly wiped it out (twice) but yet after that, Music Match still shows those files in there, but yet, when i browse on the iPod theres nothing on there. I also tried reinstalling Music Match and the iPod driver but still the same problem.

Any suggestions?

Also, is there another program I can use to transfer songs to the iPod as I despise MusicMatch... any suggestions there would be appreciated too.


Author:   varyite
Date:   Nov 4, 02 at 12:06am (PST)
Subject:   re: new iPod problems...
although i'm a fan of musicmatch to play my mp3 collection on my pc, i've heard plenty of reports that it's pretty buggy with the ipod.... plenty of people seem frustrated with it... perhaps so much that they feel like running out to buy a ... let's say.... imac with itunes??? <conspiracy theory overdrive>

anyway, seriously, i can't use musicmatch with my ipod cos the winpod software doesn't come with win98 support (win me and above only ), so i've found that ephpod ( is pretty good... free too. if you're gonna download it make sure you don't get the one with macopener.. winpods don't need it, only for macpods being used with pc.

good luck, hope you work your problems out.

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