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Author:   ska8punk
Date:   Oct 31, 08 at 3:32am (PST)
Subject:   IPOD/Itune trouble

I run Windows Vista.

this evening when i went to hook up my ipod, i noticed it wasnt being recognized by Itunes.
So I disconnected and tried again, and still nothing, then, itunes like froze, and my computer went to that blue screen and shut down. So i restarted tried again, same thing. This has never happened before, mind you. I then tried reinstalling itunes, yet the same thing happened again, so i downloaded the newest version(i was using 7 the newest is 8) and the same thing happened again. I am currently reformating my ipod using Windows, all of my music is now erased off of it, luckily its still on my computer. But no programs will recognize the ipod, WMP, Winamp or Itunes, and Itunes freezes, then the computer goes to the blue error screen, begins the dump and then shuts down.

What is going on!?!?

can anyone please offer me a solution or at least help me out would be immensely appreciated.


Author:   bobbonew
Date:   Nov 25, 08 at 8:28am (PST)
Subject:   re: IPOD/Itune trouble
Are you fully up to date with your updates from Microsoft for Vista? That could be a potential problem if not. Vista is slightly unstable in my opinion, and iTunes may be relying on the most up to date specs if running it on a Vista machine.

Is this problem still present with your device?

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